Truly successful organizations make their own rules which others have to follow.

Today's organizations work in a world which is much more volatile, uncertain and complex. More and more managers are aware that gradual changes in their organizations are no longer sufficient for ensuring success on the market today, because it has recently significantly changed. It seems as though the changes in the business environment and the complexity of doing business have reached the highest level, but this is far from the truth.

The globalization of business processes, the rapid development of revolutionary technologies, the mobile communications and other radical innovation increasingly contribute even to more changes and to the complexity of doing business. Under such conditions, organizations are not only required to design strategies or search for their own hidden lagoon in the blue ocean of business. The important thing is to keep reacting ever faster to the changes and of the ways customers can distinguish organizations from their competitors. If organizations fail to realize this, they will loose an invaluable source of opportunities to gain competitive advantage, compared to those who have done so.  

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Kathleen Barret, President & CEO, IIBA
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), “Helping Business Do Business Better”,